Unique Facilities

Unique Facilities


External counter pulsation is a non-invasive treatment for patient suffering from advanced coronary artery disease (CAD) and congestive heart failure (CHF). ECP therapy is clinically proven to help relieve symptoms associated with advanced heart disease. It is a US FDA approved therapy with proven benefits.

  • It is a low risk procedure with high benefits to patients.
  • Reduction in angina symptoms
  • Reduction in some medication use.
  • Increase energy and exercise tolerance.
  • Overall improvement in quality of life factors
  • Result can last for years.


It is a non-invasive painless procedure to treat severe blockages in patient who cannot undergo bypass and angioplasty. It is CE approved.

Who can benefit from ESMR :
ESMR is ideal for heart patients suffering from refractory angina who continue to experience chest pain even after undergoing conventional procedure such as a bypass or angioplasty.

Is it really effective?
ESMR has proven to alleviate symptoms in 90% of patients studies have shown that improved blood perfusion to the heart muscle were only evident in the specific regions of heart where shock waves are administered. Smokers and diabetics might need additional sessions to achieve therapeutic effect.

Benefits of ESMR
ESMR is a non-invasive approach for treating heart patient who suffer from chromic symptoms. This safe and proven procedure is low risk with benefits including short treatment duration minimal discomfort and no need for anesthesia.

Periscope : CVA CARDIOVASCULAR ANALYSES (age of artery test)

This instrument is used to detect internal age of arteries which is our vascular age. It detects stiffness of arteries, central aortic blood pressure and ankle brachial index.

All these are useful tools in detecting endothelial dysfunction which is the root cause of cardiovascular disease.

This instrument can give us an idea about blockages in arteries of legs, especially in people complaining of pain in legs while walking.